Pre-Travel Testing Program:

Travelers who, prior to boarding the flight to Hawai'i, provide written confirmation from a state-approved COVID-19 "trusted testing" facility of a negative test result from a test administered to the traveler within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time, and who successfully upload their negative test result and who correctly complete a "Safe Travels" on-line account, will be exempt from a 14-day mandatory quarantine. 

We cannot accommodate anyone in any accommodation type who tests positive or who does not receive their test result or who does not successfully upload their test result and complete the Safe Travels account prior to boarding

If you test positive or your test result is not uploaded to your Safe Travels account, or your Safe Travels account is not complete, including the final Health Survey, prior to "last call" or final boarding time, please DO NOT BOARD! We will work with you to delay your arrival up to 3 days or to cancel if needed, provided you tested on a timely basis (within 4 hours of the 72 hour advance window prior to scheduled flight time). More about our "Peace Of Mind In Paradise Plan" that manages late arrivals or cancellations below.

MORE ABOUT TESTING: Identify and schedule your test in advance, follow a few easy steps outlined below and get packing. 

  • Only test results from “trusted testing partners” approved by the Hawai'i State Department of Health will be accepted! All of the following testing partners provide state-approved tests, specifically, a “state approved COVID-19 test” means a WITNESSED FDA-authorized NAAT test processed through a CLIA certified lab, to determine the presence of active COVID-19 infection, that has been approved for use by the State of Hawaii Department of Health. 
  • Trusted Testing Partners as of November 17, 2020 
  • VIEW BY CITY - Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines
  • AFC Urgent Care Portland, Oregon. All travelers ages five and up are able to visit their local AFC location, no more than 72 hours before their flight departure time in compliance with travel requirements, for a pre-travel COVID-19 test. A printed version of test results will be provided to the traveler(s) prior to leaving the AFC center.
  • American Airlines at DFW
  • American Samoa Department of Health at the Tafuna Health Center Clinic
  • Atlas Genomics Seattle, Washington. Expedited same-day results are available for those travelers utilizing our Renton or Bellevue locations.
  • Bartell Drugs in partnership with Alaska Airlines, Bartell Drugs offers testing at select locations. Tests available for ages five and older. Appointments are required at least one day in advance. Guaranteed results within 72 hours.
  • Capstone Clinic State of Alaska: Capstone has six full-service health care facility locations on Alaska’s road system and at the Ted Stevens International Airport and numerous regional airports statewide.
  • Carbon Health with Alaska Airlines. Recommended. Next day results. Tests available for ages five and older.
  • CareNow Urgent Care at DFW with American
  • CityHealth Urgent Care with Oakland Airport: CityHealth Urgent Care and its team of expert clinical staff and infectious disease physician consultants offer testing utilizing state-of-the-art Abbott Lab instrumentation for results in 15 minutes. Tests available for ages five and older.
  • Clarity Lab Solutions as Clarity Mobile Ventures at LAX, terminal 6. Results within 24 hours. Recommended. 
  • Color with United Airlines for United Airlines passengers ONLY flying out of SFO. Recommended. Tests available for ages five and older.
  • Costco/AZOVA at-home, observed FDA-authorized COVID-19 saliva rt-PCR
  • Discovery Health MD  Testing at DoubleTree Hotel at Southcenter Shopping Mall (south of Seattle) and now also available inside SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Sea-Tac) airport. Expedited same day or next day results and a choice of nasal swab or saliva test. Tests available for ages five and older. 
  • GoHealth Urgent Care at SFO with United. 15 Minute Results. Recommended.
    Rapid COVID-19 Testing—with results in 15 minutes—is available at designated centers in the greater New York metropolitan area, the Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington area, the San Francisco Bay Area, Hartford and South Eastern Connecticut, Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina, St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Delaware. Testing also offered on Level 1 of the International Terminal at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Kaiser Permanente for members
  • LetsGetChecked with American Airlines
  • Oakland Airport with CityHealth Urgent Care
  • Quest Diagnostics with Walmart
  • UC San Diego Health San Diego, CA at drive-up locations. Website coming soon.
  • United Airlines with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care at SFO
  • University of Washington Medicine at community testing collection locations
  • Walgreens Testing is available at no cost to eligible individuals who meet CDC criteria. Tests available for ages five and older. All drive-thru testing locations operate outdoors and patients do not leave their vehicles. Appointment required.
  • Walmart with Quest Diagnostics
  • WestPac Labs through select participating providers
  • Worksite Labs Drive-Thru with Hawaiian Airlines at SFO and LAX (coming soon)
  • May be seeing some delays in returning results due to high demand. At-home tests with real-time audio-visual supervision are available with Vault Health, the first FDA-authorized saliva test. Tests available for ages five and older. Tests are mailed with accurate results in 72 hours or less. Vault does not schedule in advance. You just log on when ready to test during their operating hours. We understand the wait-time for tests may be less than indicated upon initial log-in.
  • VaultHealth with Hawaiian Airlines
  • XpresCheck Airport based wellness center specializing in COVID-19 testing, currently BOS and JFK, swab or saliva, express service available.
Other Important Details and a Travel Process Summary:

  • Children ages 4 and under do NOT need to get a COVID-19 test prior to travel. Children 5 and up MUST have a test. 
  • Travelers pay for the test cost at the time of testing. When scheduling your test be sure to select the self-pay option vs. trying for a test covered by insurance. Most insurance providers will not cover a test for travel. Doing so may cause your test results to not return prior to arrival in Hawai'i.
  • No testing upon arrival in Hawaii, however each island is asking guests to voluntarily cooperate with a no-charge secondary test after arrival. We are asking all of our guests to please cooperate with secondary testing, to help enable and ensure a safe and secure virus-free "bubble" on Maui Island.
  • ALL CHILDREN ALL AGES AND ALL ADULTS MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED IN ADVANCE, VIA A "SAFE TRAVELS" account at The account may be set up well in advance, however it must be set up a minimum of 24 hours prior to travel and one of the last steps, a health survey, must be completed 24 hours in advance of travel (same time as when you check in for your flight on-line). The last step will be uploading a negative test result for everyone 5 years of age and up. Uploading test results must be done as soon as you receive the results and no later than upon boarding your departure flight for Hawai'i.
  • All travelers 18 years of age and older to set up a mandatory account at as soon as flight and accommodation reservations are confirmed. Children 17 years of age and younger may be included in a parent or guardian's "Safe Travels" account. You will need to know the street address for your accommodation and our firm's information to complete your profile. You may add your flight information at this time or later.
  • Within 72 hours of your "wheel's up" departure flight time (the last flight you take that arrives directly in Hawai'i), you will take your COVID test. Remember, no sooner than 72 hours before your scheduled flight departure time.
  • As soon as a test result is available, travelers will again go to the account, log in, then upload the negative test. At this time, please also forward the test result to our Personal Concierge by text or email to Be sure to print out the result and bring it with you in hard copy too. In the event of a technical glitch while being screened after arrival at the airport, you will want to have access to a copy of your negative test result. 


  • You will find the Safe Travels app at
  • All travelers, regardless of age, must be registered via a Safe Travels account, with no exceptions!  Accounts may be created as soon as you plan your flight and know your accommodation.
  • Negative test results must be uploaded to a Safe Travels account, PRIOR to departure, for all travelers 5 years of age and up, no exceptions!
  • Children 4 and younger do not need a test but they must be registered, even infants! Children under 18 may be entered under an adult's Safe Travels account, or they may create and manage their own account if they have their own travel mobile phone. The state prefers that all children 18 and registered under a co-traveling adult as it makes passing through the arrival screening process faster.
  • Lastly, within 24 hours prior to departure go to the account, log in, and complete the mandatory Pre-Travel Health form. The form may only be completed within 24 hours of scheduled departure time. Once completed, you will receive a "QR" code. If you already uploaded your negative test result, the QR code should reflect that. Print out the QR code and save it on your mobile phone. You will need the QR code during post-arrival screening at the airport and again at your accommmodation.
  • If test results are not available before boarding the final leg of the trip, the traveler must quarantine for 14 days or the length of the stay, whichever is shorter. Travelers will not be able to exit quarantine upon receiving test results.
  • If you arrive without proof of negative test results, you will be issued a one-time-use-only key that will allow you to enter your villa upon arrival. If you leave the lodging you will be in violation of State of Hawaii laws with serious consequences. We are legally obligated to inform the State if we become aware of any violation of the quarantine requirement. There will be no in-room services while you are in quarantine. We will assist you with ordering groceries and abundant food delivery services are available.
  • If any guest does not have a negative NAAT COVID-19 test result or results are pending, the entire group must quarantine for 14 days or the length of stay, whichever is shorter. 
  • If anyone joins a group later in their stay and has not received test results - the entire group must re-quarantine for 14 days or the length of stay, whichever is shorter.
  • If you receive a positive result while here, there is a protocol that will be shared with you that is mandatory and subject to lawful enforcement. You will then be required to quarantine for up to 14 days and in-person services will be prohibited. 
  • IMPORTANT: Upon arrival in Hawai'i, you will need to have ready all of the following information to show at the airport and again upon check in at your accommodation. Your Personal Concierge Paige will go over these details with you prior to departure for Hawai'i.
    1. Your accommodation name and address, contact information for your rental agent (us!), County of Maui Short-Term Rental (STR) Permit # (required for a licensed non-hotel zoned private home - specifically Sapphire Seas, Mango Surf, Moana Hideaway, Opal Seas). Sea Shells Beach House, Wailea Sunset Bungalow and Wailea Sunset Estate are private homes with hotel-zoning and they do not have and do not need Maui County Short-Term Rental (STR) Permits.
    2. QR code from the Safe Travels website showing your updated testing status as having been approved upon screening at the airport after arrival. Specifically, the "quarantine no/exempt yes" status should be showing and your accommodation will check that information upon arrival.
    3. A printed copy of your completed Safe Travels Health Form
    4. A printed copy of your negative COVID-19 test result 
  • Travelers should expect thermal temperature scanning during travel, and you will also be asked to also complete a Department of Agriculture declaration form prior to arrival. Travelers with fever over 100.4 will undergo additional screening.
  • Masks or appropriate face coverings are mandatory within airports, on airplanes, and in all public spaces including shared swimming pools and all common areas within community resorts. Please wear your face covering throughout the check in and greeting process until our staff leave your accommodation. Masks must cover nose and mouth and must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking - Hawai'i State public health regulation. Don't want to always wear a mask when out and about? Rent a private home and "go bare" as no facial coverings are required after check in at your own private pool and in your own private garden. 
  • Please expect a wait at the airport after landing while all passengers proceed through a new screening process. 
  • FLY DIRECT TO MAUI! We recommend scheduling a direct flight instead of connecting in Honolulu (HNL) to avoid having to go through arrival screening twice and to avoid having to create 2 separate QR codes. Please do not leave the airport or otherwise "layover", because doing so will trigger a very strict mandatory 14-day quarantine. We will not refund private accommodation payments should you "lay-over" and either have to leave the state or go into a 14-day quarantine as a result of spending time in Honolulu before your arrival in Maui. Plan to travel direct to Maui on a non-stop or an immediate connecting flight.
  • Maui County now requests all visitors to help us enable and ensure a safe and healthy travel bubble by voluntary taking a secondary test between 3-7 days after arrival. You do not need to meet any criteria to be tested. You do not need insurance to be tested. The test is free. This is a BD-Veritor Antigen COVID-19 test with rapid results. There are convenient test locations in both South and West Maui and soon also at various resort locations. Schedule a test at or ask our Personal Concierge to advise the resort testing schedule and location. A complimentary gift will be provided as a "mahalo" gesture. Thank you for intentionally agreeing to be a part of our local Malama Hawai'i campaigns. 
  • We may ask you to first complete the secondary testing before we perform any in-villa services such as complimentary housekeeping or staffing with a private chef.
  • Many of our guests travel with our flagship Hawaiian Airlines so for easy reference here is the webpage with their testing information.
  • State of Hawaii Department of Health: Phone 1-855-599-0888 (10am-10pm Hawaii Standard Time)
  • County of Maui COVID-19 Help Line: Phone 1-808-270-7855 (8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday-Sunday Hawaii Standard Time)

Maui is not virus-free, but as of 11/12/2020 our stats are pretty impressive. As a community, we worked hard to "Malama" and care for each other through courteous habits and respectful behavior. We are so very proud to share with you that to-date we've had only 442 cases on Maui, with 38 active within the last 14 days. When you visit Maui you will be expected by everyone around you to always wear a face covering/mask in public and to physically distance to "da max". We recommend aiming for 10-12 feet of separation, especially indoors.

  • Hawai'i: Lush. Idyllic. Peaceful. Serene. Endless Shades of Green. Put your phone down and forget about your worries. Breathe deep. Unwind. Discover your own meaningful personal connection to your surroundings and experiences on our beautiful tropical islands.
  • State-wide, Six Hawaiian Islands. Six unique experiences. From sparkling turquoise waters to dramatic green cliffs and gold, silver, or black sand beaches, Hawai‘i’s wealth of natural beauty is the breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable experiences that reward those who delve a little deeper - into vibrant cultures full of welcoming aloha, a thriving food scene and thrilling outdoor adventures. 
  • There’s so much more to Hawai‘i than what you’ve heard. Hawai'i offers endless variety: volcanic craters, jungles, mountain trails, coastal walks, emerald green golf courses, quaint towns full of art galleries and boutique dining, yummy bakeries, frosty shave ice, freshest sushi east of Japan, authentic plate lunch and a thriving local culture showcasing dance, ukulele and live music.
  • Experience spectacular adventures including beach-combing, seasonal whale watching, sailing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, golfing, tennis, and more. All of nature’s abundance awaits.
  • Swim through sapphire seas, build castles in the sand, nap under swaying palms, or find your own secret spot on a postcard-perfect sandy beach. Our famous sunsets are still showing nightly. What better way to renew or celebrate your partnership or marriage than with toes in the sand and a golden glow behind you? Choose a soft adventure or an active vacation - your choice!
  • Our home-base island of Maui offers a laid-back easy-going lifestyle featuring charming small towns, gorgeous huge post-card perfect sandy beaches, and a friendly, fun vibe, with a pinch of swanky sophistication - the best of both world. Save the planning and come and live in the moment. 
  • E Komo Mai - welcome to our islands and "Your Own Private Paradise" where you will find serene luxury, peace and quiet, and a very private lifestyle.

  • Lots! You can plan on being able to enjoy golf courses, tennis courts, assorted tours and activities, boating, catered power picnics, small intimate weddings or vow renewals, sports gear rentals, movie theaters, bowling alleys, county operated swimming pools, and plenty of dining and drinking establishments. Mama's Fish House opens November 6th. Social gatherings are currently limited to a maximum of 10 persons and most restaurants are seating no more than 6 persons per table. Personal Concierge Paige is your local expert on all things "Fun In The Sun". 

  • We have been crafting memorable vacations for 25 years through our award-winning and trustworthy service. 
  • Rent direct through Private Paradise Villas, the exclusive on-island licensed and legally designated property manager and rental agent for your accommodation. We are here to personally open the door to welcome you to "Your Own Private Paradise".
  • Private homes are gated with spacious yards often as large as one acre, sprawling grass lawns, and individual-use heated pools and hot tubs, that are not shared with anyone else. The residential resort villas offer direct walk-in access or a semi-private elevator that serves just a few residences. Within your own residential resort villa you will have your own complete kitchen, BBQ, and laundry room, your own outdoor patio or balcony veranda, and your own great room. These are exclusive and private accommodations where only the common areas and pools are shared, but all of the resorts where we manage privately-owned villas are low density, low rise, gated, beachfront, and lightly occupied. Staying in a villa managed by Private Paradise Villas within Montage, Andaz, Wailea Beach Villas, or Makena Surf resorts is the next best thing to renting your own private home. 

  • We were already famous for exceptional cleaning standards including a full “deep clean” between each guest visit, and now we are doubly dedicated to protecting everyone’s well-being through proven cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing methods. Every touch point in your residence will be freshly disinfected and sanitized prior to your arrival. 
  • We’ve enhanced our safety and sanitation measures for your benefit by incorporating enhanced cleaning and sanitation standards of the "Stay Safe Hawaii" initiative, the CDC, Vacation Rental Management Association, American Hotel & Lodging Association and the World Travel & Tourism Council.
  • Additional sanitizing products provided in-villa
  • Specialized training for our highly experienced housekeepers
  • When possible, we schedule gaps of a minimum of several days between guests
  • You have the option to waive visits by housekeeping - abundant supplies provided in-villa

  • Contactless arrival and departure service at most properties
  • Personalized but socially distanced greeting with orientation
  • Chat with our staff by phone, text, email, video, visual app, or in-person visit, however you prefer
  • Staff wear PPE and pass a daily temperature and health check along with frequent company-sponsored COVID-19 tests.

  • Relaxed Payment Schedule. Final payments will be collected closer to arrival to allow for special circumstances created by COVID-19 related issues.
  • Pay with Credit Card, E-check, ACH or wire transfer, Personal or corporate check
  • Payment by credit card at no extra cost (for guests hosted directly and exclusively by Private Paradise Villas)
  • Flexible Hold Options. Request to hold future travel dates outside of our typical 6-18 month advance reservation window. Rates will be quoted once we roll forward to the advance reservation window.
  • Easy “Delay with Credit” Peace of Mind in Paradise Plan - if you are unable to travel as scheduled due to covid-19 illness: Read about our Peace of Mind in Paradise Plan
 Peace of Mind in Paradise Plan 
What is the Peace of Mind in Paradise Plan? It’s a relaxed and enhanced cancellation and delay/re-schedule plan that is intended to make it easy and worry-free for you to re-organize a new trip to Hawai’i, if you or a member of your traveling group experience bona-fide covid-19 related sickness and you need to cancel your trip, or if the State of Hawaii installs a new quarantine requirement. Should either event occur, you’ll be able to delay your trip, save a credit for future, and gain additional useful benefits.

2020 Delayed Guests! If you were scheduled to visit this year and you were unable to travel as scheduled due to the state’s quarantine requirement, and you opted for the Peace of Mind in Paradise Plan (delay your visit with a credit), we are open for replacement reservations now, and all of the wonderful benefits promised to you will apply. For another copy of your personalized credit statement reach us at or phone 1-888-875-2818 ext. 6.

New Reservations! The following plan applies to all NEW reservations placed after October 15, 2020.

ALL MONIES PAID TO-DATE ARE A FUTURE CREDIT! Payments you’ve already made to Private Paradise Villas will remain on file as a future credit. You can use the credit all at once in a single future visit or split up the credit over multiple future visits, with all re-scheduled visits and the rental credit to be fully utilized within 2 years of your original reservation dates.

CSA/GENERALI INSURANCE COVERAGE MOVES WITH YOUR RESERVATION! If you elect or need to change your visit dates due to COVID-19 related quarantine or for other pre-approved reason other than sickness, and you purchased the CSA/Generali insurance (Trip Protect or Damage Deposit) it will move with and be available for and applicable to your future reservation, so the cost of the coverage is not lost. We automatically manage the transfer for you in-house.

FUTURE RENTAL RATE GUARANTEE! If you re-reserve the same property for the same rental period (example: early fall or late spring), we will guarantee the future re-rental rate will be no more than what you paid in your original contract, up to one full year in advance from your original scheduled departure date. Of course you are free to choose a different property or different dates to apply your credit to and we will evaluate the posted rate for the replacement property and will do all we can to help make it affordable (within reason).

YOU CAN DECIDE LATER WHEN TO USE YOUR RENTAL CREDIT AND YOU HAVE 2 YEARS TO USE IT! You may use your credit anytime up to 2 years into the future based on your original departure date. You may decide on new travel dates now or decide later, but the sooner you make new replacement travel plans the more choices you will have. While many of our properties have limited advance reservation windows, typically 12 months into the future, we will gladly hold a future reservation for dates outside of the advance reservation window, and upon cycling forward to the reservation window, we will then send a contract, ask for a deposit, and confirm your dates.

OFFERING ALTERNATIVE PROPERTIES WHEN YOU RE-SCHEDULE IN THE FUTURE! The collection of wonderful vacation properties managed and offered for rent by Private Paradise Villas may change from time to time. Although it’s unusual, it is possible the same property may no longer be offered as a rental when you are ready to re-schedule, or the property simply may not be available during the time you wish to travel. Some properties may cost more per night depending on their market value. You are not required to rent the same property in the future. You may apply your credit to any dates and to any property selection. All properties, rate quotes, and reservations are subject to change unit paid with a signed contract.

IF YOU NEED TO RE-SCHEDULE MORE THAN ONCE, IT’S OK! Once you create a new travel plan and re-schedule a future stay, should there be additional new travel restrictions or a quarantine re-installed by the State of Hawaii or your home country that affects your ability to use your replacement reservation, you will have the freedom to take another credit or to re-schedule again. You will never pay a separate extra “CHANGE” fee to change your current reservation or another future replacement reservation, if the change is needed due to covid-19 related complications.

CHANGING SEASONS MAY SAVE YOU EVEN MORE $ OR ALLOW YOU TO RENT A HIGHER VALUE PROPERTY! A replacement rental is subject to the published rates for the new date and property chosen. The low rent seasons when your credit will get you the most property or the best location are from after Easter until early June or after Labor Day until the week prior to Thanksgiving or in early December. If you choose a visit during Christmas/New Years, Spring Break, mid-summer or Thanksgiving, but you originally rented during an off-season such as late spring or fall, there may likely be a cost increase, but with the extra credit provided, the up cost of selecting high season dates or a bigger/better property may be minimized.

NEW! Effective November 24, 2020:

What if test results are not ready by the time my companions or I are due to board the last leg of our journey, the last flight before we arrive in Hawai'i? 

If your COVID test result is not available you may not be allowed to board. This is a new policy from the State of Hawaii effective November 24, 2020. The State of Hawai'i reckons this is the best way to create and maintain some semblence of a COVID-safe “bubble” that works for residents and visitors.

Taking your test on a timely basis gives you extra privileges!

You will qualify for a complimentary date push-back if you can document the fact that you took your COVID test 68-72 hours prior to your original scheduled flight departure time with a Trusted Testing Partner even if your test result is delayed and you cannot depart as planned. We will allow you to delay your arrival until you gain your negative test result, up to 3 days into the future, if your rented property is available for a “date push-back”, meaning your entire trip will just be shifted to slightly delayed dates. We have several days of “cushion” between rentals hiding within our calendar that you can’t see, just for this purpose, however circumstances may vary by property and dates, so any push back is subject to availability and prior written approval from us. If we can't push back the property you rented, and you want to still travel up to 3 days later, we will try to find a suitable alternative property and will re-assign your rental, but it is based on availability and specific policies related to the property you rented and the readiness of the alternative property.

Your test results are late and you want to travel but you cannot push back your trip, meaning you will have a shorter trip: 

If you tested 68-72 hours prior to your original scheduled flight departure time with a Trusted Testing Partner, but your negative test result did not show up before you had to board, and you cannot or do not want to push back your entire trip, but you wish to just skip a few nights and travel as planned once you get your negative test result, we will grant you a future rent credit for up to 3 lost nights, to be used within the next 3 years at any property we manage at that time, subject to rates as advertised and the minimum rental term for the property, except if you rent the same property for the same rate period (season) within the next 12 months, we will guarantee the same rate you paid for this trip. Most properties have a 5-7 night minimum rental term, so your credit will serve as a partial payment.

What if I did not take my test on a timely basis or I mistakenly did not use a State of Hawaii Trusted Travel Partner, but I still want to complete a portion of my original reservation?

If you took your test late, meaning you took your test less than 68 hours prior to your original scheduled flight departure time, or, if you did not use one of the designated State of Hawaii Trusted Travel Partners, and your arrival is delayed, there is no refund for late arrival or unused nights per your original Rental Application and Agreement, however you may still later check in to your accommodation with a minimum of 8 hours of advance notice to us and written permission by reply email from us. Your visit will then be for fewer nights as you will need to depart as originally scheduled. If dates are available to extend your stay and you wish to purchase extra nights, we would be happy to accommodate you subject to payment and a minimum of 8 hours of advance notice to us and written permission by reply email from us.

What if I did not take my test on a timely basis or I mistakenly did not use a State of Hawaii Trusted Travel Partner, and I no longer wish to travel and rent my accommodation as planned?

If you took your test late, meaning you took your test less than 68 hours prior to your original scheduled flight departure time, or, if you did not use one of the designated State of Hawaii Trusted Travel Partners, and your arrival is delayed, and you no longer wish to travel as planned, we cannot offer a refund per your original Rental Application and Agreement. We would be happy to create a new reservation for you and will do our best to offer a special rate if approved by the property owner. 

What if any of my traveling companions or I receive a positive COVID test result prior to boarding?

If you or a traveling companion test COVID positive you will be denied boarding. Hopefully you already purchased some form of trip protection as you may be eligible for reimbursement of covered non-refundable trip costs due to COVID diagnosis or sickness, depending on the plan you purchased. See the discussion regarding the CSA coverage we offer below. We strongly recommend you purchase coverage. 

If you or a traveling companion test COVID positive, with proof of a positive test, we will allow you to delay your trip with a future rent credit to be used within the next 3 years at any property we manage at that time, subject to rates as advertised, except if you rent the same property for the same rate period (season) within the next 12 months, we will guarantee the same rate you paid for this trip. We want you to have the vacation you dreamed of and do not want a positive test result to cause you to lose your payment. There will be no refund, but you will be able to take advantage of a future rental credit.

Summary: The key points of these policies are that you need to be pro-active to pre-schedule your test in advance so it’s taken on a timely basis. If you plan to use one of the home-monitored tests that are performed at home with video monitoring such as the Vault Health test, just stay on the line and wait for the test taker. They tend to come on the line to complete the test faster than the recording warns.

We strongly recommend that you please purchase some form of trip protection. We work with a very reliable service “CSA/Generali” that charges 6.95% of your accommodation cost and in the event you or one of your named/pre-listed traveling companions receives a positive COVID-19 test or becomes sick, you may be entitled to reimbursement of non-refundable covered costs. We offer the plan for a very low reasonable cost to make it an affordable add-on to protect your vacation investment. By paying additional premium, you may include other non-refundable travel costs such as rental car and airline tickets. We can email you flyers that detail the policy plan or you may visit for more information. We have attached a copy of their policy detail for your consideration.

  • Air Travel is less risky than a trip to the grocery store! Read More Here
  • Complimentary signature Personal Concierge Service from our very own in-house professional 5-star quality Concierge. We will help you find testing sites and will keep you updated regarding Hawaii State protocols for easy traveling.
  • Complimentary Early Check-In (when available)
  • Complimentary Late Check-Out (when available)
  • Complimentary Pre-Arrival Grocery Service (you pay for groceries and we pay for the shopping time, delivery service, and stocking in-villa). 
  • We have more than our fair share of quality grocery retailers on island including Mana Foods in Paia, Whole Foods in Kahului, Down to Earth and Hawaiian Moons organic and natural food focused vendors, and local markets such as Foodland and Times selling "Ono" poke, fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegies and more. Conventional grocery chains such as Safeway offer more common items in great abundance.
  • Hire a private chef to prepare and deliver quality multi-course meals
  • Pick up or have take-out dining delivered from many local restaurants

  • Allow extra travel time for sure, and plan on some wait time upon landing for screening
  • You may now bring a 12 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer through TSA
  • We recommend packing an empty refillable water bottle and extra snacks or a meal due to less frequent in-flight service, along with your reef-safe sunscreen.
  • Some airlines may no longer offer pillows or blankets outside of first class, even for sale, so pack your comfort items
  • Consider that airlines will be adding back more direct flights so you may want to take a wait and see regarding all flight options over the coming weeks. It may take into December/January for flight options to fully expand again.

  1. Social gatherings are restricted to no more than 10 people. (Restaurants typically limit table size to 6 diners)
  2. Face masks must be worn in all public spaces unless exercising. (Also required in indoor and outdoor shared common areas in resorts including at pools)
  3. All people should maintain a minimum of six feet physical distancing from people outside of their household. (10 feet minimum is strongly encouraged)
  4. County parks and beach parks are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  5. Stay home if feeling ill. Avoid going out or having contact with others.

"It's more than where you go, it's how you stay." 
“Aloha” is the way we treat our guests and island locals together in paradise. 
Akahai (Tenderness) 
Lōkahi (Harmony) 
‘Olu‘olu (Pleasantness) 
Ha‘aha‘a (Modesty) 
Ahonui (Patience)